Attract Good Vibes in Your Bedroom


An aesthetically pleasing bedroom is not enough; you have to make sure it radiates positive energy. Without further ado, here are some tips that will help you achieve this goal:

1. If you’re still in the building stage of the house or you’re designing it and you haven’t chosen where the master bedroom should be, you can attract positivity by placing this bedroom at the southern part of the house.

2. The doors are important to attracting positive vibes as well. Make sure that each bedroom door and every door in the house opens and closes smoothly. Check that there is nothing that block the movement of the door; otherwise, this means you’re letting something hinder the good vibes – even fresh air.

3. Still related to doors, the bedroom should not have a lot of entrances or doors. One door is usually enough. In addition, try to have a ceiling that does not lean to one side.

4. Your bedroom should always be neat and tidy. A cluttered room not only attracts negativity, but can also weigh you down. Meanwhile, having clean surroundings can help you feel satisfaction, which is actually an effect of a tidy room.

5. The bed should be away from the walls and the doors as well. The bed should be as far away from the entryway and if possible, place it in a corner and diagonally opposite your door. According to Feng Shui, this position does not just promote positive vibes, but also better sleep at night.

6. When sleeping, it is recommended that your head is positioned in the southern direction. It is not recommended to place your feet in this direction as it is said to bring negative vibes.

7. Don’t eat in your room, especially on the bed. This activity should be done in the dining room, which is why you have this part of the house. Also, if you have aquariums, don’t place them in the bedroom as it is believed to cause relationship conflicts.

8. Mirrors should be placed appropriately in your room. Don’t put them across or over your bed as the mirror should not reflect the bed. Feng Shui states that this can invite outsiders and even relationship betrayal.

One easy way to attract good vibes is to paint the room with warm, earth colors or skin tones. You have options, such as peach, terra cotta, cream, or light blue. These colors are said to give off a calm vibe and can improve the positivity in your bedroom.

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